Social media and the World

You can say that now days many or rather I say, most of us get our information from the nearest places we can attain news; and exactly what is the nearest and quickest source one can have access to? The internet of course. It has become very simple now days to gain access to news due to the technology that is being enhanced in our daily gadgets, such as ipads, cellphones etc.

Social media supporters such as Facebook, Twitter etc. have become the center for news gathering as well as news knowing. Many people post or talk about their lives on social websites. But now social networks are being used for more than just keeping up with friends and posting their daily lives; they are being used to inform others about current events that have occurred recently or are in the midst of a scandal.

Everyone, including me, use social networks to express our thoughts and opinions about a certain topic that is being discussed and shared either in someone’s community, country or even around the world. We have taken advantage of these social sites in order to inform others in a more rapid phase of what is occurring that may seem interesting to many.

It is not bad to use this social media networks to inform of what is happening, since journalists and news outlets from time to time search for news through this new method to keeping connected with the world. Although this creates new boundaries for the access to information in a positive way, it also creates disadvantages since not all news information that we get through these social media websites may not be credible due to the lack of honesty and proof that what they are posting is the truth to the story.

Nevertheless, social media is and will continue to grow as a greater impact and use of our daily lives. If there is no effective way of gathering news faster and better, I will continue to use what I have today in order to be informed on what is going on around the world. Wouldn’t you do the same?



  1. Prof. Leach Said:

    Good job with your first post. I even see you have included links in the body of your post. Looks like you might have a knack for this blogging thing.

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