Women being underrepresented by media

The media has had a major impact on our society that has become one of the main influences in our daily lives. I believe that women (as well as men) have been misrepresented in the media over the years. Although the media persuades women to look, act and be a certain way, women have been inclined to follow this ideology that is intended to satisfy men by what appears to be the image of the “perfect women”.  Although the media persuades to identify the “perfect women” in different aspects.

When you turn on the TV and see reality shows, cartoons, news, commercials, movies and more, or when you see movies or pictures in magazines of women, they are mostly tall and skinny with the ninety-sixty-ninety look. They also must have a smooth and pretty face, accompanied by revealing clothes such as short skirts, booty shorts, or extremely short and tight dresses, and 5 inch heels. Not to mention; they must be young.

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Not only must a woman remain her attractiveness throughout a TV show or movie where she is almost killed by a bomb or taken hostage by aliens, but she must also say what is expected of her. For example, a housewife’s duties in most shows like “The fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, “everybody loves Raymond”, and many more, portray women as housewives who’s obligations are to care for their husband and children as well as keeping the house clean.

According http://www.now.org, women owe only six percent of all full power commercial broadcast and radio stations in the U.S.  as oppose to people of color who own eight percent. As we began to see more women in the media such as news broadcasters or reporters they still make up for 28 percent of local news directors and 16 percent of the general managers at TV stations that air local news.

The way women are portrayed in the media has caused women to be inclined to the “perfect women” by trying to be perfect in every aspect. This has caused insecurity between women, causing them to buy every beauty product that will make them look more appealing while trying to control their daily life situations.

The media has also caused insecurity amongst young girls. In you tube; there has been a recent up rise of girls between the ages of 12 to 15 to ask their viewers if they are considered beautiful.

Women representation in media has the effect of inclining girls and women to be what they see on TV, which can cause the worst case scenarios such as death; all because they want to reach the media’s preferences in women by developing anorexia, bulimia, and skin diseases due to all the products and surgeries their skin consumes.

All I want is for women to feel secure of themselves know that no one is perfect in life. There is no such thing as a “perfect women”. If all women where perfect; then we would all be the same to men. So why change our imperfections, if that’s what makes us unique.

Like Jean Kilbourne said in her documentary “Killing us softly 3”, “Women have unrealistic goals for beauty that will never be accomplished. We need to change society’s definition of beauty.”



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