The unsolved mystery of Notorious B.I.G.-Analysis


The article, “The unsolved mystery of Notorious B.I.G.” by Randall Sullivan tells of the death of Notorious B.I.G. that occurred on March 19, 1997 and the leading cause to expose the truth of other rappers deaths and such as Shakur at that time. The article is long, but very descriptive of the events and it shares well written information and events that help the reader understand the story and history that connects the rappers death with the overall corruption that the L.A. police department had during that time.

It was said that the LAPD had corrupt police men posing as police officers but have recent connections with music industry artists and producer’s such as Suge Knight, CEO of Death Row Records and the person who sent out to kill B.I.G. The article tells of the web of lies and mysteries that the L.A. police department were hiding due to its corruption and involvement of police officers.

Not only is the article interesting and reveals a sense of insecurity within our own community thinking it could happen anywhere but the writing style of the reporter seems to clarify many points to this long story. The use of Narrative writing in this story fully completes the dramatic responses and research that was done in order to solve the mysteries that B.I.G.’s death carried. The author had a very well written focus seeing that he kept reminding the reader that although there is more to B.I.G.s death the main focus was the unresolved case of the murder.

The lede of the article seems to briefly describe the main part of the story and clearly states the LAPD involvement. The nut graph following the lede, seems to set the stage for the further explanations of B.I.G.’s murder along with Tupac Shakurs murder while following the similar style that the lede provided.

The history being in the following paragraphs of the story seem to identify the occurrence of events chronologically depending on the person the author was focusing on. Teh author seems to give well written descriptions of the people involved in the murder.

Sullivan seems to set the scene for every description he provides but also remembers to do that shortly since it is an article and not a book. He also provides short sentences in various occasions to make the story shorter but with the words that will remain the point of the story or paragraph in focus.

Something that stood out to me as I read this was the involvement of the LAPD in the entire investigation. Not only was the L.A. police department trying to cover some of its own police employees but they were trying to cover up the story until it was completely forgotten. Another issue that stood out to me was the plot which was used by knight to kill B.I.G. as well as other previous rappers.

To me it seemed more of a movie based murder plot than anything and the fact that rappers where just coming in and getting out of jail so easily stunned me. Not because I did not know of this, I know there is corruption everywhere and that is still happening, but it stunned me because there are more people who get either plenty years in jail or a lifetime in jail only because they committed a minor felony or are accused for doing something they did not commit, while criminals such as Knight are running in and out of jail as if it where a daily habit of his.

The article was an overall good written and explained. There are many elements in the investigation that could of had easily lost the reader, but the author placed every bit of information to its place where it would be entertaining and understood.


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