Crazed Fans

The Picture shown on the above is a picture of  hard-core fans that have gone to see their favorite Mexican soccer team, Chivas. The team has fans from all over the world and obviously I am one of those fans.

The photograph clearly shows the emotions that these fans demonstrate as their team is either making a good play, committing bad play or they are simply supporting their team.

Many of us, no matter what team or sport we root for show the same ambition as the fans in the picture. We show our pride by wearing representative colors and jersey’s that identifies the team. We also wear other accessories that makes our team stand out in our own bodies. 

Yes, some fans might get overly excited or wild while watching their team, but that shows the greater passion that one has for the team. Though the outcome of ones excitement may not be a good one at times, since many fans end up fighting with the other teams fans, but luckily not every sports match ends up brutal.

There are people who enjoy the love for the game and are willing to support their team no matter what the outcome of the game may be. Just like Giant’s, or Detroit fans never lost faith in their team in the world series, Chiva  (and other team) fans will not loose faith in their team no matter how good or poorly they play. 

The picture overall is a good representation of what it means to be a true sports fan, and as more people join the excitement for the game, the more excitement is brought upon everyone who enjoys a well played soccer game.


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