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Finally, most Americans have rested in peace yesterday after the celebration of Obama’s new presidency. We will still have Obama for a while. The campaigning and debates all paid off for the Obama administration and now its time to work on all the propositions that Obama himself set as goals for the next term.

Now all we have to do is wait and see what new and upcoming changes the president will have for us during this term. I am very happy Obama won, and I like many of you expect to see prosperity and new change coming our way very soon.

Through out this entire election, there has been many controversies over lies, fact checking and the the ways in which Obama, Romney and their keynote speakers delivered their speeches at the debate convention. The video below shows Obama’s victory speech and the excitement that was felt as the second term president delivered his second and final speech. The media has already started looking for new candidates for the 2016 election, but why rush, we should enjoy the moment for now. We should just live the moment.



  1. Da Professa Said:

    Great job posting your thoughts about the coverage of the election. The addition of the pics and the video make it an even greater post.

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