Holiday Cheer surrounds Hayward community

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On Thursday, Dec. 6 the annual Christmas tree lighting was held in Hayward’s city Hall with entertainment for the family. Band students from Hayward High school performed all night long throughout parts of B street that were closed down for the event. The event carried a variety of entertainment such as a train ride, games for kids as well as food stand. There was also a skating rink for little kids to enjoy their holiday experience.

The tree lighting ceremony took place at 7:45 pm. Inside city hall; music filled the building as a mariachi band sang various Christmas melodies. In order to began the lighting of the tree, the musical appearances of a choir lit up the room as they also sang Christmas melodies.

“The event is amazing because it brings in the families. We give you the joy of what Christmas is, nothing about ‘happy holidays’, no, it’s merry Christmas [because] I don’t like [saying] ‘happy holidays’.” Councilmember and Chabot instructor, Francisco Zermeno said. “That’s why we bring you music [like] choir, mariachi, and a lot of activities for the kids so that people can know the center of Hayward. We have Santa Clause, we have the tree. It’s a family event so that people will feel conferrable.”

Not only is this event just about spreading holiday cheer but to others such as High school student Daniel Morales it means the time to spread the word of God.

“Were just letting people know that Jesus Christ loves us and this time of the season some people are down but where letting them know that the joy of the lord is coming.”

The event had  many attendants who were enjoying the time in spending with family and friends this joyous moment to share with the community.

“We like coming here because it’s a big family and friends event and it brings the spirit of Christmas.” said community member Alyssa Cody.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy these beautiful moments and see other holiday events that are coming up this December for you and your family to enjoy.


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